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About Us

All-Star Ballpark Heaven is the sister company of the Field of Dreams Movie Site, the official movie set of the 1989 classic, Field of Dreams, in Dyersville, IA. Our company was founded by an entrepreneur, successful marketeer, and travel baseball Mom for nine years, Denise Stillman, with the goal of bringing friends and family closer together and creating lifelong memories through the power of America’s pastime. Through our collaboration with Baseball Factory, we offer a unique youth baseball tournament experience hosted at City of Dyersville complexes, just minutes away from the Field of Dreams Movie Site.

Our mission is to be America’s premier venue for sports-centered, pre-teen personal growth and fun family memories surrounding baseball tournaments.

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2021 Tournament Dates Now Available

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“This ballpark

“This ballpark is such an iconic venue, perfect place to enjoy the game of baseball over Memorial Day weekend.”

Malia K.

“The Field of Dreams

“The Field of Dreams Tourney was really a cool experience for not only the kids but the adults. We had a great time at the Field of Dreams and loved sharing that experience with our kids and team.”

Megan M.

“The Clarendon Hills

“The Clarendon Hills Coyotes have had a wonderful time participating in the tournament at the Field of Dreams. All has been well organized and the boys just can’t believe they have had the opportunity to play here. Such a blast! Thank you!”

Karli S.

From 11u and 14u

“From 11u and 14u Milwaukee Hitman. As a team it is very exciting and we arE able enjoy it. We are able to visit the field of dreams and have fun. We really enjoyed it last year and wanted to come back again!”

Mr. XyzJason R.

Great fields, well

“Great fields, well run tourney, great experience at field of dreams!”

Jeff L.

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